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The cow-hunt continues

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Back to the search for the Tokyo Cow Parade cows today. I found 11 today. I’m having to travel much further from my office now, so it’s getting harder to cover new ground. I did manage to find 51-56 and fill in a few lower numbers, so not a bad effort.

‘Cow number 36’

‘Close-up of cow number 36’

A rainy day cow

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It was raining today, so I didn’t venture outside for lunch. Luckily, I discovered a rogue cow in the basement of my work building!

‘Cow number 29’

‘Close-up of cow number 29’

Today’s cows: 29.
Total cows to date: 42 of 73.

Slow cow day

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Day 4 of the cow-hunt. I covered the area closer to the Imperial Palace, hoping to find some of the missing numbers from the other day. I only found 5 cows, but I did find some of the missing ones, including one way over near Hibiya gardens that I missed the other day, and a couple tucked away in back-streets.

‘Cow number 24’

‘Close-up of cow number 24’

Moo to you too

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Day 3 of the cow-hunt. I covered a different area of Marunouchi, and found 11 cows today. I also found 12 cows marked with countries instead of numbers in one small area, but they aren’t included in the 73, so I’ll post them separately.

‘Cow number 32’

‘Cow number 35’