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Remnants of an invasion?

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On a recent expedition around Tokyo I found a remarkable fossilized specimen.

‘Statue in Aoyama Gakuin (青山学院)’

I was immediately struck by the strong resemblance to the Raxacoricofallapatorian, and in particular the slitheen family, as shown in the following photo (courtesy of TARDIS Index File ).

‘A Slitheen (photo courtesy of TARDIS Index File).’

The first known appearance of the Slitheen on Earth was when they invaded London in 2006, causing World War Three. The Slitheen survivors later attempted to turn off the Sun, but were again defeated by Luke Smith.

Searching the publicly released records of the events, I could find no documentation that the Slitheen had extended their invasion beyond London.

Was this really a Slitheen? Further analysis, while not conclusive, strongly supports the hypothesis.

‘The statue compared to the altered slitheen image.’

Is this evidence that the Slitheen had in fact been attempting to wage war on multiple fronts, some as far away as Tokyo?

Or is this a remnant of a previously unknown invasion?