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About Andrew V Parker

I’m a programmer with an interest in agile development and programming languages. I received my B.Eng. (software w/ honours) and B.Sc. (physics) from The University of Melbourne in 1997. I have extensive commercial experience in the telecommunications and finance industries, primarily in Java and C++.

Andrew V Parker (Australia, 2008).

I’ve been living and working in Tokyo since 2007. I train in Aikido (合気道) at Aikikai Hombu Dojo. I received my shodan (black belt) in February 2011, and my nidan in December 2013. I speak conversational Japanese, and passed JLPT Level 2 in 2009.

My first time wearing a hakama (Shinjuku Sports Center Dojo, 2011).

Andrew V Parker (Japan, 2005).

You can contact me at andrew@avparker.com