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Aikido Training Summary 2011

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Now that 2011 is over it’s time for me to update my aikido training log.

Training Summary

After a strong start to the year unfortunately I couldn’t train as much as I’d have liked in the second half of the year, training only 114 hours.

"Training hours by month."
"Training hours by month."

I finished the year with 250.5 hours, having taken 199 lessons on 172 days. Coincidentally this is the same number of days as I trained in 2010, however I trained more hours, an average of 20.9 hours per month compared to 19.5 hours per month in 2010. Not bad considering I “lost” 2 weeks training due to the Great East Japan Earthquake, and another week to vacation at the end of the year. Overall I’m pleased, but still hoping to train more next year.

"Cummulative Training Hours."
"Cummulative Training Hours."

Teachers for 2011

Over the course of the year I attended classes by 21 different teachers, although the vast majority of my training was in classes by Kobayashi Sensei, Katsurada Sensei, and Suzuki Toshio Sensei.

Highlights for the second half of the year

  • Taking ukemi for a Obara san’s Shodan Test in July. I was quite tired afterwards. I really don’t know how Sonobe San (my uke for my test) managed to take ukemi for 3 people in a row!
  • Taking lots of ukemi for my teachers in Advanced Gakko (Kobayashi Sensei and Katsurada Sensei).
  • Last but not least, continuing to be called up by Kobayashi Sensei in ippan class (Hombu 3rd floor). I think he called my up a total of about 5 or 6 times. Each time I was surprised, there are so many people in the class that take better ukemi than me.

Aikido Highlights for 2011

The highlight was obviously my shodan test in February.

"My shodan stamp."
"My shodan stamp."

Following that I was lucky to be able to take lots of ukemi for my Teachers (including ippan class at Hombu!) as well as take ukemi for 2-and-a-bit shodan tests.

Aikido Goals for 2012

My main focus for 2012 is to improve my ukemi. I really need to work on my stretching and improve my flexibility. My aim is to train 180 days in 2012, although I know this will be tough to reach.