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Yesterday I went to see the sumo for the first time.

‘Flags outside the kokugikan.’

‘Hakuho, the only current Yokozuna, during the Dohyo-iri ceremony.’

The Rikishi (sumo competitors) look amazing in their ceremonial Mawashi.

'The Rikishi during the "Dohyo-iri" ceremony.'
‘The Rikishi during the "Dohyo-iri" ceremony.’

‘Shikiri pose - getting ready for the match.’

The crowd was really getting into it because the tournament is quite close – three rikishi were tied for first place on 10 wins, and Hakuko, the only current Yokozuna (grand champion) was one behind with 9 wins.

Here’s the final match, between Hakuyo and Baruto.

The leaders all won their matches so the tournament will be decided today.

More photos in the photo album.