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After checking through my list of cows, and I have the following left to find: 10, 12, 37, 64, 66, 67, 71, 72, 73. The last five are all ‘minimoo’s.

I went looking for number 37 today, since cows 32-36 were all in or around the Marunouchi building. After spending about 15 minutes looking around I asked at the reception, and sure enough, it was on the 5th floor. Cow 37 was quite unusual, it had been split in half and then put in what looked like two semi-transparent shipping crates!

‘Cow number 37’

‘Frontal view of cow number 37’

So while we were there we tried out Kua Aina, a Hawaiian burger chain. Nice burger, a bit pricey.

‘Kua Aina on the 5th floor of the Marunouchi building’

Today’s cows: 37.
Today’s mini-moos: none.
Total cows to date: 62 of 65 cows, 3 of 8 mini-moos, 10 of 10 cows of europe.
Remaining Cows: 10, 12, 64, 66, 67, 71, 72, 73.

Remembering the Kanji

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For a long time I believed that I would never be able to truly read and write Japanese, more specifically the Kanji, no matter how much effort I put in.

The most common method of teaching Kanji relies on rote-memorization – the same method used by the majority of Japanese children. If you’re going to be immersed in a Japanese environment for 15 years or more, then I guess you’re going to remember them eventually, no matter how poor the method.

My Japanese teacher in Australia took another approach – just don’t teach Kanji at all! Suffice it to say that didn’t help much. I would find myself starting to recognize some simple common Kanji, but when I tried to write them I would only have a rough idea of the shape. And there are many Kanji that are very similar, often differing by only one stroke, so it’s very easy to mistake one Kanji for another.

The 2000 (or so) Kanji needed to be generally literate just seemed like an insurmountable obstacle.

Then I found Remembering the Kanji Volume 1 (known as RTK).

‘Remembering the Kanji Volume 1’

The cows of Otemachi

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Today I headed over near Otemachi subway station on my cow-hunt. The other day I saw a couple of cows over there from a distance but didn’t have time to photograph them. I found 6 cows today, and have covered almost all of Marunouchi. Now it’s just a matter of trying to find the ones I missed.

‘Cow number 62’

‘Close-up of cow number 62’