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Today I noticed something a little strange near my work – a life-sized statue of a cow.

‘A statue of a cow’

‘A closeup of the cow statue’

I saw another one close by, so I decided to have a closer look…

‘Another statue of a cow’

‘Milk Tank’

‘Tears overflow’

‘Spring of the life’

‘Unkind heart’

‘Happiness vending machine’

A few years ago I saw something similar in Tulsa (that time is was life-sized penguins), so I figured they were part of some sort of charity event. Sure enough, at the base of the statue was a metal plate with a number and information about the statue.

‘The plaque on a decorated statue of a cow’

The statues are part of the 2008 Tokyo Cow Parade (the site is in Japanese but there is an English description here).

‘A poster for the cow parade’

I found one other rather unusual cow statue during my lunch break:

‘Cow number 17’

In total there are a total of 73 statues scattered around Marunouchi, so I decided it would be interesting to try to find them all!

Cows found today: 30, 18, 17.
Total cows found to date: 3 of 73.

Note: there is a map (english version) showing the locations of all the cows. I’m not using the map, just seeing how many I can find. It’s more fun that way, really!

Update: The rest of the blog entries for the cow-hunt will be tagged with tokyo-cow-parade, and all the photos can be seen in my picasa gallery.