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I passed Level 3 JLPT!

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My results for Level 3 JLPT finally arrived in the mail last night. I took the test last December, but I was starting to wonder if I’d filled in the application wrong because the other day I noticed on the official JLPT site that the results were announced on Feb 9th. I’m not quite sure why it took 2 months for the results to arrive (or 2 months to process them in the first place for that matter, since it’s all done by computer). Anyway, the good news is I passed!

‘My Level 3 JLPT certificate’

Total : 309/400 (77%)

When I signed up to take the exam I really thought I had no chance of even passing (60%), I just applied to provide a little more incentive to study. And even after my trip to Japan I only scored about 70% on a practise exam a few days before the actual exam (that last minute cramming paid off!). So I’m very happy with the results :–)

The break-down for the different parts of the exam:

Kanji and vocabulary : 65/100 (65%)

I definitely expected this to be the hardest for me, learning new words is very hard (I seem to forget them as soon as I’ve heard them!) and Kanji is an absolute killer to learn (I keep putting it off). I’m quite happy this was actually over the pass-mark on it’s own!

Listening : 78/100 (78%)

About the level I expected after taking the exam, my listening improved a huge amount from the 5 weeks I spent in Japan in Sep/Oct last year, so I thought this would be the easiest part. I think I could have actually done better at this, but I missed a couple of the questions because I tuned out a bit during the exam! With only one chance to hear each question you’ve really got to keep focused for this part of the exam.

Grammar : 166/200 (84%)

I’m pleasently surprised by this result. We do a lot of grammar in my Japanese class, so I thought I should do okay, but since we won’t finish all the Level 3 grammar until at least the end of this year I expected to have a bit more trouble!

Maybe my JLPT Level 3 Exam Preparation wasn’t as bad as I thought after all!