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I ♡ Melbourne

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I was watching the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games on TV, and even though it was kinda tacky, this image (an overhead shot of the MCG – those are people making the letters) made me think about how much I enjoyed the last few weeks during the Games, and how much I’ve come to enjoy living in Melbourne.

‘I ♡ M - an image from the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony’

I was actually expecting to be a bit put-out by the Commonwealth Games, with extra traffic, crowded and late trains, and crowds in the city. But the peak-hour trains seemed normal (I left home at the same time as normal and wasn’t late), and the extra trains & trams seemed to copy pretty well in the evenings, so it didn’t bother me at all (admittedly I don’t drive much, so if the traffic really was bad I wouldn’t really know).

In fact the extra trains on the weekend meant it was a good opportunity to travel out of the city (and avoid any crowds). On the first Sunday of the games I ended up taking a daytrip out to Sherbrooke Forest (pdf) (1 hour out of Melbourne, at the end of the Belgrave Line) for a very pleasant bushwalk.

‘Sherbrooke Forest - 1 hour from Melbourne by train’

At the end of the day we headed back into the city, which was certainly busy but was actually a great atmosphere. There were plenty of free events around Federation Square and Alexandra Gardens for Festival 2006, which seemed very popular – some people were queuing for 2 hours to get into the circus, and we got turned away from the events at the Myer Music Bowl because it was full.

‘One of the events from Festival 2006’

The fish on the yarra (and the hourly lightshow) seemed particularly popular.

‘Fish on the Yarra in the afternoon’

‘Fish on the Yarra in the evening’

As well as watching the closing ceremony on the TV, I was able to grab a few shots of the fireworks over the city skyline from my balcony.

‘Fireworks across the city skyline’

‘Fireworks at the MCG’

I’m glad I got to experience Melbourne during the games, I hope those of you living in Melbourne didn’t miss out.

Note: okay, so I basically rewrote this page (it’s my blog, I’ll rewrite if I want!) and added some more pics. One of these days I will get around to adding a proper photo gallery to my site.