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The search is complete!

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January 31st, 2009: It’s finally time to post the remainder of my search. I’ve faked the post dates to match when they were found.

Today I finally found the remaining cows. The final 3 “mini-moos” were spread through the upper floors in the Oazu building, so were almost impossible to find without the map. The final cow was on the other side of the JR Tokyo station, which I’m pretty sure isn’t actually Marunouchi.

‘Mimimoo number 73’

‘Mimimoo number 72’

‘Mimimoo number 71’

‘Cow number 64’

Today’s cows: 64.
Today’s mini-moos: 71, 72, 73.
Total cows to date: 65 of 65 cows, 8 of 8 mini-moos, 10 of 10 cows of europe.
Remaining Cows: none.