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Totoro finally arrives!

My MacBook finally arrived last weekend. It’s small and white, so I’ve named it ととろ (Totoro) :–)

A few quick notes:

  • the packaging is excellent, the box is incredibly thin
  • it looks a lot like my old ibook from the outside, just a bit thinner and wider
  • the screen is great, a big improvement over the ibook
  • the keyboard seems good

Obligatory unpacking photos follow…

‘MacBook box - it’s a slim little fellow!’

‘Unpacking the MacBook’

‘Unpacking complete’

I had to wait 4 weeks for the white 2.0GHz MacBook stock to arrive. I was considering paying the extra $200 for the black because I was sick of waiting. They look nice, like the old pismo powerbook, but also a lot like a normal pc laptop, and it just doesn’t seem like it’s worth the extra just for the color (although something less prone to scratching might be nice).

Now I have to install the 120GB drive in it and get everything transferred across!