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Mothers Day Classic 2006

On Sunday my family ran in the 2006 Mothers Day Classic in Melbourne.

‘After the run’

Last year we all entered the 4km run (except Dad, who was away). This year I entered the 8km run, mainly because I thought there would be less people in that event, but also because Dad was running 8km, and I couldn’t let him run twice as far as me!

It turned out that 17,000 people entered the event in one form or another, and even in the 8km run was very crowded. The first few hundred metres were barely a more than walking pace, and most of the first kilometer was a slow jog. Definitely not an event to really test your times unless you can grab a spot right at the front of the start-line. But it was probably a good thing in the end, since my “training” (yeah, right!) didn’t go so great because of a cold 2 weeks before the event. I ended up keeping a steady pace up till the 6km mark, at which point I was still feeling really good, and pushed the last 2km quite hard. So my time wasn’t great, but I was happy with how it turned out, especially considering it was the first time I’ve run 8km.

Overall it was a good event, we all managed to finish okay and had a bit of fun :–)